Democratic Left needs skilled volunteers!

Democratic Left is DSA’s volunteer-led nationwide print-and-online publication. It’s now America’s largest socialist publication at a time of exploding interest in socialism, and we’re eager to improve the quality of the publication and increase its online frequency and reach. To accomplish that, we have great need of skilled volunteers in the following categories:

  • Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, layout/design
  • Copy editors, proofreaders, and fact checkers
  • Editors (developing relationships with writers, fielding pitches and soliciting articles, and working with them to improve articles)
  • Writers and reporters

How to apply

Apply using this GOOGLE FORM, or send the information below to [email protected].

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Location (and local DSA chapter you belong to, if any)
  5. What volunteer work would you be interested in doing? (Select as many as apply)
    • ART: Graphic design, illustration, photography, layout/design
    • PRODUCTION: Copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking
    • EDITING: Working with writers and acquiring content
    • WRITING: Reporting and polemics
  6. Describe your relevant professional and activist experience. (Feel free to provide a recent resume and/or link to a LinkedIn profile.)
  7. WRITING/EDITING APPLICANTS: Are there any subject areas you have a particular passion for or experience in?
  8. ART/WRITING APPLICANTS: Please attach a sample of your work and/or a link to web site showcasing your work.