National Political Committee Update

Here are highlights from the National Political Committee since the last Democratic Left update. Check out the DSA website for more details.

Chapters across the country are winning on various terrains of struggle. Our New York City chapter secured primary victories for the New York state senate races of Jabari Brisport and Kristen González. Our Kansas chapters helped beat a statewide anti-abortion ballot measure!

We had our first in-person NPC meeting in New York City in mid-August. We discussed the need for a decades-long strategy that soberly assesses the challenges ahead (climate change, the crisis of liberal democracy, the rise of authoritarianism and rightwing violence, escalating geopolitical conflict, and economic downturn), but also the possibilities within the next ten years that will allow us to go on the offensive. The Recommitment Drive exceeded its goal of recommitting 5,000 DSA members, with 5,906 recommits. Of these, around 20% committed to monthly dues, part of which get sent back to their home chapters in the form of a dues share and also allow us to budget more accurately.

We agreed to hold our 2023 Convention in Chicago and approved 2023 Convention Steering Committee specifications and the general convention structure. We hope to foster as much democratic debate and deliberation as possible so that we can come out of this event with more direction on the fight ahead. We also approved the hiring of two new electoral staff positions, as well as an additional new field organizer position for the Organizing team, as a way to continue helping chapters with support, guidance, and direction. These are new positions to be filled alongside any existing vacancies.

Only working-class organizations can defend and expand our rights. And that means each and every one of us has a part to play in this larger fight. Hasta la victoria.